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Higher Education Division (HED) is one of the MARA education sectors responsible for controlling, planning and supervising the activities carried out in MOE, KM, UniKL, KPTM and GMI. Besides this, HED too has a role in ensuring that its target is in line with the objective of MARA, namely:

"To perform its duties towards the enhancement of professional and semi-professional education in accounting, commerce and business management and engineering technology through educational institutions under its control."

Quality policy

  • HED is committed to offering educational services and quality management through the implementation of curriculum, quality management improvements are made to produce competitive human capital.

Client's Charter

  • Issue an offer letter into KPM within one month after the application deadline.
  • Ensure that each visitor at the counter will be attended to  not more than 15 minutes.
  • Answer phone calls in 3 rings.
  • Prepare payment vouchers in a period of 3 working days from the date of acceptance of completed documents.
  • Inform the results of students' appeal within 1 week from the date of acceptance.
  • To respond letters within 1 week from the date the letter was received.