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MARA provides variable education loans to Bumiputra students pursuing studies starting from Degrees to Higher Level Degree (PhD) at selected local and overseas Universities. The offers subject to program advertised by MARA.

The programs offer for 2017 are:


SPM Leaver Excellent students Program

  1.1 It embrace the First Degree Preparatory Program both local and abroad, especially for students who earned excellence at 
    SPM level. Candidate selection is made based on SPM’s and evaluation result in Mara assessment Module.
  1.2 Priority of areas are Science, Technology, Religion , Engineering Arts and Mathematics (S.T.R.E.A.M)
  1.3 The place of study is based on type of preparatory program as follow:
Institution Program
Kolej MARA (KM) Seremban, KM Banting & MARA-KETENGAH International College (MKIC) International Baccalaureate (IB) & A-Level
Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)-Malaysia Institute of Aviation Technology (MIAT)
UniKL-Malaysian Spanish Institute (MSI)
UniKL-Malaysia France Institute (MFI)
UniKL-Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (MIIT)
German-Malaysia Institute (GMI)

(Preparotory program using non-English medium language) 




German A-Level Preparatory Programme (GAPP)

KM Kuala Nerang Science Foundation
KM Kulim Pre-Universiti
  1.4 Students under the SPM Leavers Excellent Students Program who have graduated at preparatory level (IB/A-Level/Foundation) and satisfy the 
    prescribed academic requirements will be sent to pursue at degree level either in the local or overseas as follows:
Overseas Program Local Program
Fulfill the qualifications of study abroad Fulfill the qualification of study local.
Get an offer from Top 50 Universities under QS World University Rankings by Faculty or Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by Subject. Study on MARA Educational Institutions (IPMa) and educational institutions approved by MARA Educational Committee
Prioritize short-term overseas programs through the Mobility Program or Industry Internship or Twinning program at institutions approved by the MARA Educational Committee.  
  Application for this program is online and will be publicized through the Official MARA Portal (www.mara.gov.my) after SPM results are announced.
2. Education Loan Program (SPiP)
  2.1 This program is offered to students besides SPM Leaver Excellent Students Program. The education loan deliberation is for students who 
    continue to study at the MARA Educational Institution (IPMa) only and subject to the following family Socio Economic Status (SES) :
Family Monthly income Type of Loan
Less or equal to RM8,000.00
Tuisyen and Living fee Allowance (ESH)
RM8,001.00 - RM15,000.00 Tuisyen Fee only
Larger or equal to RM15,000.01  MARA-Bank Scheme / PTPTN
  2.2 Listed IPMa are:
    a) Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)
b) Universiti MARA (UniMARA)
c) Kolej Universiti Poly-Tech MARA (KUPTM)
d)German-Malaysia Institute (GMI)
e)Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (KPTM)
  The general conditions for all types of program under the MARA Education Loan are as follow:
  1. Priority loans are offered to students from low-income rural/ urban families (B40M40).
  2. Students and one of the parents must be Malay/Bumiputra and Malaysian citizens.
  3. Parents or guardians and students are not blacklisted by MARA.
  4. Full-time study only
  5. Students do not receive financial/sponsorship from any other sponsors/agencies for the same level of study (double 
  6. Loans are not awarded for studies at the same level (continue study on the same level)
  7. Never endorsement of assistance or loan by any agency/sponsoring body for unlawful disciplinary action and has no 
    criminal record.
  8. Free from chronic /infectious/illness that requires follow-up treatment.
  9. Retrieve/ suspend service contracts or loan repayments from other agencies/sponsors(except MARA) for previous studies
     (which relevant).
  10. Applicant's age limit according to the level of study:
Study Program Local
(to the first Degree)
<20 years < 20 years
Diploma / HND <35 years Not offer
First Degree <40 years < 30 years
Bachelor/Professional Degree <45 years Not offer
Minster/ Doctorate <45 years Not offer