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The main objective of this programme is to assist entrepreneurs or companies to start manufacturing activities by providing loans for the purchase of machinery and equipment, working capital, plant facilities and other support services.Through this programme, MARA intends to create an advanced and competitive 'top entrepreneur' that could be listed in Bursa Malaysia.

Facility Concept
Facility provided is in the form of loans and is divided into two concepts:

The implementation of the concept 1
The project is identified and is owned by MARA at the early stage. MARA also identifies entrepreneurs who will carry out the operations of the company / project. Entrepreneurs can take over the project / company through monthly payments (6 -60 months) until the total amount is paid fully to MARA.

The implementation of the concept 2
The project is identified, owned and operated by entrepreneurs. MARA's role is to provide financial facilities to the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur has to repay the loan monthly (6-120 months) until it is paid fully.

Types of Manufacturing Industry / Manufacturing
The following are priority industries:

  • Automotive Industry (Automotive Component And Accessories)
  • Construction Industry (Steel Fabrication for Steel Structure Building, Mechanical & Product for Building Construction)
  • Automotive Industry (Automotive Component And Accessories)
  • Industrial Mechatronics: (Design & Manufacturer Of Robotic & Automation System For Food & Packaging Machineries)
  • Industrial Plastics / Fiber: (High quality Consumer Products)
  • Metal-Based: (Fabrication, Injection Moulding)
  • Industrial Biochemistry / Biotechnology
  • Apparel Industry


Financing Package

INTEP financing package is from RM500, 000.00 to RM5, 000,000.00 which includes the following packages:-

1) Training Entrepreneurship & Business Exposure

2) Production Centre / Factory Space Facilities

Financing is provided for the purpose of:
• Hire of plant not owned by MARA
• Rental of mills MARA (as in MARA Industrial Area)
• Construction of new plant on land owned by MARA (Package 1 only)

3) Basic Equipment & Machinery

• Financing is provided for equipment and machinery for the production process.

4) Financing Assistance Management & Support Services

Financing is provided for the purpose of:

• Factory renovations
• Equipment and office supplies

5) Consultancy Service Help

6) Marketing & Promotional Products

7) Assistance in Product Development

Target Group

Bumiputera entrepreneurs involved in construction / manufacturing industry and manufacturing that have existing and potential products to market / for commercialisation.

Reimbursement Financing Facility

Entrepreneurs need to pay back 100% loan / project costs within 60 to 120 months on a monthly basis according to the amount determined by MARA. For payment of the loan, the company / entrepreneur will be charged a management fee of 1% of total loans.

Conditions of Participation

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

• The company must be involved in manufacturing industry and manufacturing;
• Able to provide 5% or RM20,000.00 initial capital to finance the project cost, whichever is lowest.
• Must be a private limited company with paid up capital of at least RM100,000.00;
• The company has a good financial standing within 3 years;
• The Company has an operating record of not less than 3 years;
• The company is able to provide at least 2 fixed-income guarantors or a piece of land as collateral whereby both will adhere to terms and conditions of the MARA loan;
• Entrepreneurs must be between 21 to 60 years in age;