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Vendor Development Landscape

The main objective of the Vendor Development Landscaping is to create market linkages in the Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) in Malaysia can work and act as a manufacturer and supplier of variety of foods and components, machinery, spare parts and services to large companies and multi-national. In addition, it is also able to provide integration and intermediary channels for SMEs to large industrial companies and financial institutions to increase efficiency through technology transfer and industry expertise by major industry (anchor) to the vendor SMI. In this way the operators will be able to supply quickly at a reasonable cost. BPU has focused on two areas of the Food Vendor and Non Vendor-Food

Food vendors

Food Vendors programme is a platform used by the BPU in creating more anchors and vendors in the areas of food production. Besides that, the implementation of this programme has been completed with the physical development such as Food Technology Incubator (INTEM), Food Industry Complex (KIMAR), Food Industrial Park MARA (TIM) in Spicy, and Serkam Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and MARA Halal Park, Pulau Indah.

Vendor Non-Food

This programme focuses on other areas of vendor development such as Ceremic, Textile, Telecommunications, Automotive industries, etc.  By adopting the anchor-network strategy in implementing this programme, it creates a more systematic and efficient business network. To date, BPU has set up 3 non-food vendor companies, in Automotive, Ceramic and Textiles industries.  The implementation of this landscape is to expedite the process of transforming existing entrepreneurs to Top Entrepreneurs level.