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What is a Business Plan                                              

1. Written document that gives details in a comprehensive assessment of the business or project to be carried out.

2. It is a business blueprint on studies that have been carried out and steps to be taken in future to develop the business, forecast expectations and ways to implement business strategies. 


The purposes

Business Plan prepared by the prospective entrepreneurs and existing businesses for certain purposes as follows:

1.Enable entrepreneurs to see and evaluate the project objectives, critical and practical.

2. Becoming guidelines for the management of the business.

3. Analysis and assess whether projects are economically viable or otherwise.

4. Convince relevant parties on business ideas and used as a basis for funding proposals.

5. Better distribution of limited resources.


Collection of Information on Plan

1.Record internal data of a business


3. Economic Data

4. Data Trade

5. Market research.


Table of contents

 1. Table of contents  7. Organization plans/ management
 2. Executive summary/synopsis  8. Marketing plan
 3. Introduction  9. Production/ operation plan
 4. The purpose of preparation 10. Financial plan
 5. Company/business background 11. Project implementation schedule
 6. Background information 12. Summary