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Q1.       When will I get a reply for my appeal and how would I know about the results of my appeal?
A1.        Since MARA normally received thousands of appeal letters, there is a possibility that MARA is unable to reply all applicants' appeals. Candidates are reminded to refer to the Reply Card which clearly explains that applicants who do not receive any response by the end of April that year are considered not eligible. Applicants can also contact us by telephone at this number 03-26915111 extensions 3331 / 3392 / 3394 / 3764 / 3765 / 3766.

Q2.       How do I write the best appeal letter and do I have to get a referral from certain people?
A2.       The best appeal letter should be written officially. Referrals from certain people depend on individual initiative. However, considerations still depend on the applicant's merit. This will be brought to the MARA Management meeting for Students Intake & Placement Committee. Referrals and Testimonies for appeal are welcome together with attachment of various certificates which have been validated as proof on candidates involvement in various activites.

Q3.       If my application is rejected, can I appeal and will my appeal be given consideration?
A3.       Yes, you can. Every applicant has the right to appeal if they fail to get an offer for the first time. However, selection of applicants is based on their merit.

Q4.      I have contacted MRSM…/En…. and was told that there is a vancacy there. Can I enroll my son at that MRSM?
A4.       No, you can't. The MRSM offered by MARA is final.

Q5.      Can I enroll my son at the college where I applied in the appeal form, not at the college set by MARA?
A5.       No, you can't.

Q6.      Can I apply to enroll in MRSM nearest to my home?
A6.       No, you can't. The placement of successful students at MRSM is being done by MARA and all descisions are final. The placement of students is based on the Social Economic Status of the student.

Q7.      How many intakes of students are there done by MARA annually?
A7.       The process of student intakes is done 3 times a year. The process is continuous from February to 30 April every year.

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