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The Research and Innovation Unit (UNI) was established to spearhead MARA research and innovation areas. This objective is in line with efforts to realize the MARA Strategic Transformation Framework 2011-2020. In line with this objective, it is UNI’s role to create the ecosystem that encourages research and innovation culture among MARA workforce. This planning is achievable through four main activities, namely, Enhancing Research Capabilities & Innovation Based Publications, Acceleration of MARA Innovation Projects, Managing & Commercialising Intellectual Property and intensive communications among MARA staffs through UNI Communication Channel.

Research and publications carried out are based on innovation. A research panel which has been selected within and outside MARA and meets specific criteria will be offered a MARA Research Grant Scheme (SGPM). Publication of journals will be upgraded to international level by publishing MARA International Journal (MIJ) to disseminate and share information on the research. All these activities will be able to generate new innovative ideas in MARA four main areas, namely, entrepreneurship, manpower, investment and organisation.

The acceleration of innovation within MARA is done firstly by monitoring three Blue Ocean Strategy projects (FITEC), Kenderaan Bas MARA and MARA Business Complexes. UNI will then establish a MARA Innovation Acceleration Committee (KPIM) to coordinate and monitor innovation projects created and carried out by MARA divisions. The establishment of KPIM will flourish and instill the culture of innovation as a norm among MARA staff in carrying out their work. The “Creative Talk” and “Best Idea of the Month” activities are created to encourage creative and innovative thinking. All these activities will be able to accelerate MARA’s transformation.

In the Intellectual Property and Commercialisation activity, UNI is developing a MARA Intellectual Property policy and the process of commercialization to protect and safeguard all creative works and innovations created by MARA staff. UNI will also coordinate and organise competitions on innovations and make documentations on all activities regarding innovations and commercialization. A 3-i (industrial, institutional and international) strategic partnership network is forged with relevant bodies to ensure that the process of commercializing ideas, products or new innovations on strategic management will be successful. These proceses will become the platform to generate new wealth for MARA.

The UNI Communication Channels will be empowered to ensure that all information related to research and innovation will be shared widely among MARA staff. To achieve this goal, UNI will develop a portal to disseminate information about UNI such as MARA Research Grant Scheme, outcome of the research carried out, MARA success stories and other matters pertaining to innovations. Innovations created by MARA staff which had entered competitions will be documented and spread to relevant parties. By spreading this kind of information widely, it is hoped that the awareness to innovate will be enhanced to higher level by making innovation as a culture among MARA staff.

All planning by UNI is build based on MARA’s vision to develop a blessed excellent trustee organization based on innovation.