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The 269th MARA Council meeting dated 21 December 2000 had agreed on the formation of the Property Management and Procurement Division (BPH) within MARA organizational structure. BPH was established as a result of a proposal to restructure the Administration and Finance Division of MARA. In the restructuring exercise, the Logistics, Facilities and Construction Branches which were formerly under the Administration and Finance Division, were separated and placed under the jurisdiction of BPH.

The establishment of BPH took effect on 1 January 2001. Thus far, BPH comprises four main sections :-

  1. Property and Services Management Branch
  2. Procurement and Supply Branch


To provide efficient, effective and high quality service in the management of property, procurement & supply, construction and maintenance to guarantee excellent achievements in the implementation of MARA activities.




Property & Services Management Branch

  • To manage, coordinate and record activities in managing the acquisition and disposal of MARA property
  • To supervise security services, provide security passes to staff and manage the maintenance and insurance coverage for MARA official vehicles at the headquarters
  • To manage and supervise MARA facilities such as the common official vehicles, parking lots at the headquarters building and forwarding agents for MARA staff transfers
  • To provide facilities such as offices, living quarters, MARA rest houses, and flight ticket warrants for MARA staff and sponsored students.
  • To manage payments regarding property acquisition, annual assessment and quit rent, maintenance bills for MARA official vehicles and utility bills MARA headquarters building

Procurement & Supply Branch

  • To review, plan, manage, offer consultation services and monitor procurement and supply to all MARA centres
  • To manage all deals regarding tenders / quotations for procurement and supply
  • To manage the tender selection meetings, particularly as Secretariat for the following committees: MARA Small Tender Committee (JKTKM), Selection Committee at Headquarters Level (JPIP) and Price Negotiation Committee
  • To manage and administer MARA Central Mail, MARA Printing Centre and MARA Record Centre
  • To coordinate reservations for meeting rooms, auditorium, space for promotions and MARA Entrepreneur Guidance Centre
  • To assist office administration

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