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“I managed to succeed today and earn quite a high income after attending a technical course provided by MARA which not many people were interested in."

“With a Certification Scheme For Personnel (CSWIP) 3.1 from Institut Kemahiran MARA (IKM) Jasin, I’m now being paid RM70 per hour or more than RM18,000 a month,” said Abdul Qayyum Abdul Razak (picture) who is now working as a Freelance Welding Inspector.

He is very grateful to MARA for providing courses which were not taken up by others and when he was offered a job, he received quite a big income with a heavy responsibility.

“What is more interesting is that my signature can be used as a guarantee or for insurance claims,” said Abdul Qayyum proudly, although he had only been working in the welding industry for less than three years.

Abdul Qayyum is now working with Moody International (M) Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur.

The Seremban-born welder said, before obtaining CSWIP, he was studying at UnikL Malaysia France Institute (MFI) in Welding Technology Engineering and Diploma in Marine Technology and Ship Design at the Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Techlogy (MIMET).

“Although there were other institutions that offer the same course, but the one offered by MARA institution is different in its own way,” he said. Another area which is seldom taken up is underwater welding inspection which offers a high pay, he explaine.

“Most of the jobs in this area are found at oil rigs in this country. Even though these are situated offshore, there is a lot of satisfaction found in the work,” he said.