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Developing viable global entrepreneurs who are resilient and competitive in accordance to the aims of MARA Entrepreneurship Programme.


  1. Implementing entrepreneurial training towards creating global entrepreneurs.
  2. Developing techno entrepreneur in the high technology sector through collaborations with strategic partners.
  3. Provide business advisory services to strengthen and enhance the capability of entrepreneurs and businesses, at the same time strive to meet Global Standard.
  4. Provide integrated marketing programme to penetrate global market.
  5. Creating a strategic network for Holistic Entrepreneurship Development.

Client Charter

It is every client's right to receive the following professional services:

  1. Every client that deals with the Entrepreneur Development Division will be attended to within 5-10 minutes.
  2. Every phone call will be answered within three (3) rings.
  3. Correspondence will be replied within three (3) days from the date received.
  4. Complete applications for courses will be processed within one (1) month after the date received.
  5. Complete vouchers and invoices will be prepared by MARA Finance Division within seven (7) working days after the date received.