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Mara education sponsorship division(BPP) plays an important role in the development of human capital to produce excellent and quality Bumiputra students. It is in line with the Transformation of the Education Sector under the MARA strategic Plan 2011 -2020 which aims to create entrepreneurs among graduates who can bring forth wealth and competent manpower in high-impact industries. In order to accomplish this goal, BPP provides the facility of MARA Education Loan in the form of variable loans, for various level of study. BPP also focuses on developing more professional, competent, fist- class minds graduates who can contribute towards high income countries.


BPP has 4 branches/units that perform the following functions:

  1. Strategic Branch & Strategic Planning
    • Strategic design principle
    • Program development and regulation of registered MARA Higher Education Institution (HEIs)
    • Student development
    • 3i (International/ Institutional/Industrial relations)


  1. Sponsorship Branch
    • MARA Special Program (SPM/Diploma outstanding)
    • SPIP program at IPMA
    • MARA-Bank Scheme


  1. Student Monitoring Branch
    • Managing student overseas & IPT monitoring
    • Managing student & IPT monitoring in the country


  1. Operation Branch
    • Management Services (Administration /Procurement/Documentation/Facility)
    • Finance (Budget / payment)
    • Customer service counter


  1. ICT And Data
    • System Application (MyEduloan System & e-Advance)


In addition, to ensure the welfare of students abroad. MARA Education Loans has open 8 overseas offices worldwide, United States, England, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Indonesia, Egypt and Russia.


Further information about BPP or MARA education loan, please e-mail to infobpp@mara.gov.my