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Corporate Vision

The Resource Development Division is resolute in its efforts to become the leader in encouraging, developing and distributing information, knowledge and intellectual property repository that is innovative and highly creative, effective and continuously. The end goal is to move towards supporting MARA's effort in producing k-entrepreneurs, k-workers and k-organisations to realize the competitive and enduring Bumiputera Commerce and Industrial Community (MPPB).

The Objective

Promote, develop and improve repository services for intellectual property, information and knowledge from various media and distribute it effectively and continuously maintaining high quality, to produce citizens who are skilled and competitive in line with MARA current developments.

Operational Objectives

To achieve effectiveness and efficiency of operations, the proposed objectives are: -

  • Galleries and archives to establish the role of MARA Digital Library be increased and expanded in an effort to gather and build a repository of information and knowledge hub (Ninth Malaysia Plan) in accordance with MARA role as an information center for indigenous.
  • Increase the production of materials of Teaching & Learning (P & P) in secondary education and skills training using on-line and CD-ROM Learning Objects approach that can be used in MARA Educational Institution through the education portal since 2006.
  • Encourage the use of computer technology and the promotion of knowledge and use of various media in learning through education and information portal search.
  • Producing quality products of web-based materials in various forms and formats, whether analog or digital, in the form of audio-visual and printed materials such as certificates, brochures, magazines, video streaming, VCD, adio CD, MARA opening ceremonies montages, repository photo galaries, CD-ROM and teaching materials & e-learning education tools that meet the needs of customers.
  • Providing audio-visual recording in the studio or on location for MARA functions on customer demand and as a collection of information repository of documentation in the future..

 Client's Charter

We at BPS are determined to provide the best service and facilities in the following ways: -

  • Clients will obtain audio-visual, record copy CD, photo printing recording products un-edit or graphic work in a period of 3 working days according to turn.
  • Clients will obtain creative montage and multimedia presentation products, edited audio-visual publication within a period of 7 to 14 working days according to the agreed quality of product and according to turn.
  • Clients will continuously obtain e-learning Teaching & Learning products through online and interactive CD-ROMs in line with the latest syllabus for high school education and skills training.
  • Clients will obtain information regarding reading materials collection in the MARA Digital Library within 3 minutes by using the ILMU system.
  • Application for borrowing of reading materials by clients will be processed and approved in 5 minutes.
  • Clients will obtain lending service between libraries for materials which are not in the MARA Digital Library collection within 2 days (depending on the turnover facility of the said library).
  • Clients will be able to make book reservations at the Digital Library immediately online through ILMU and will be entertain as soon as the book/material is in circulation.
  • Clients will obtain information, encouragement, assistance as well as the latest educational promotion continuous regarding technology of various media.