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The MARA physical project management service had started in early 1980. Under the Property, Supply and Contract Management Division (BPH), the Construction Branch was set up to carry out this responsibility.

With increasing project capacity and the need to set up a special organization to manage the physical project and maintenance of MARA Building, the Construction and Maintenance Branch was officially separated from the BHP management and became a unit of its own, known as the Construction and Maintenance Unit (UBS).

Beginning from there, the unit has grown and with 53 work force, on 1 October 2009, the Construction and Maintenance Unit was upgraded to a Division, known as the Construction & Maintenance Division (BBS).


To be a division which gives professional service in the management of MARA construction projects and maintenance.


To ensure that all MARA projects are managed in the best way based on quality, time and cost effective in order to meet clients’ requirements and to establish MARA’s functions towards becoming a Gobal Education & Entrepreneurship.


Quality |  Value |  Perfect


With 6 main objectives, BBS is committed to realize its mission and vision, namely:

  1. To give the BEST SERVICE in the construction and maintenance of all MARA buildings
  2. To make PROPER PLANNING in designing MARA buildings according to the development of the CURRENT CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY
  3. To complete the construction projects within REASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME without affecting client’s implementation programmes.
  4. To instill the spirit of the maintenance culture as priority to all MARA buildings.
  5. To create more MARA TECHNICAL STAFFS who are PROFESSIONAL and making it as a career PLATFORM for MARA technical staffs.
  6. To assist in UPGRADING BUMIPUTERA CONTRACTORS AND PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANTS in the construction industry in Malaysia so that they will be more COMPETETIVE and resilient at the INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.


BBS is responsible in carrying out MARA construction project management and maintenance which involved PRE-CONSTRUCTION, CONSTRUCTION, POST-CONSTRUCTION and MAINTENANCE.

This involves several tasks such as the appointment of professional consultants, preparing the estimated cost of the project, approval of Cost and Standardization Committee at MARA level or the ministry, preparation of the design, conducting Value Management Workshop, preparation of tender documents, tender analysis and appointing contractors.

At construction level, BBS is responsible in handling the contract management which involves meetings on the site, progressive payment to the contractors, progressive report on site and applications for certain approvals, eg. application for cost quotation for additional work, application for extension of work and contractor’s loss claim.

At this level, BBS is responsible during the Defect Liability Period and matters pertaining to closing of account at the end of the project.

For maintenance work, BBS is responsable to carry out maintenance work such as, repairs and fixing, upgrading and beautifying the image of the building. BBS is also responsable for the maintenance of the MARA building system such as, lifts, escalators, air-conditioning, clean wáter supply and the fire prevention system.


In order to become an established and successful organization which gives a professional service to MARA, BBS has established 5 aims and main directions to be achieved within 5 years (2012 – 2017), namely:

  • Conducting programme to produce MARA PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL STAFFS in order to produce more professional technical staffs registered to professional bodies such as Registered Architects (Ar), Registered Surveyors (Sr.) and Registered Engineers (Ir.).
  • To be a PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL CAREER GROWTH CENTRE which specializes in the area of construction and maintenance management for MARA technical staffs
  • To carry out MARA construction projects using the INDUSTRIALISED BUILDING SYSTEM (IBS)
  • To carry out construction tasks and maintenance by using fully the CURRENT TECHNOLOGY AND ICT SYSTEM
  • Incorporating the concept of GREEN BUILDING INDEX in all MARA construction projects.