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The objective

Ensure that all the information and explanations about MARA can spread quickly, accurately and effectively in internal and external communities as a basis to create and promote greater understanding between MARA and its customers.

On the other hand, providing guidance and counseling facilities to the community especially the youth, students and members of MARA on the progress of work career in the fields of technical, professional career management, student progress management and students assessment as to produce excellent students.


  1. Preserve and enhance the image of corporate excellence.
  2. Increase public understanding of the function in the development of MARA.Bumiputera
  3. Improve the performance of Bumiputera students in education. 

Clients' Charter

We are committed to :-

  1. Dissemination of accurate and fast information 
  2. Providing professional consultancy services in official corporate event management 
  3. Ensuring that every complaint is attended to within five (5) working days


  1. Event Management
    Plan, manage, coordinate, and assist in implementing and providing advisory services in conducting official functions of education, entrepreneurial skills and MARA. 
  2. Publicity Management
    2.1 Public Relations:
        * Plan, manage, coordinate and implement media relations and publicity programme that includes activities MARA with the cooperation of media coverage and widespread dissemination.
    2.2 Publications:
        * Plan, manage and implement and provide specialist services in the affairs of the publishing and writing for the purpose of hype around MARA activities to customers in an effort to enhance the corporate image of MARA.
  3. Management Education Programme
    3.1 Guidance and Career:
        * Increase students' awareness of career opportunities and enhance the strengthening of   students in preparation for the job market.
    3.2 Student and Community:
        * Establish and maintain linkages with industry / government agencies / NGOs to provide the infrastructure to assist students in career placement information.
    3.3 Education and Career
        * Implement activities to increase student awareness about educational opportunities, especially institutions under the supervision of MARA.