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  1. Provide financial management and accounting services that meet the needs of all interested parties
  2. To acquire a clean audit certificate on MARA annual financial statement.
  3. Prepare a reliable MARA annual operating budget.
  4. To upgrade MARA's computerized accounting system
  5. To achieve efficient and optimum use of MARA financial resources by creating and recommending various indicators on financial policies as well as planning effective ways of controlling and supervising finance and accounts.
  6. To improve training and competency related to finance among Finance Division staff and those of the MARA centres concerned.
  7. To upgrade the supervision of MARA companies according to the needs of MARA Council, Central Agencies and the Malaysian Commissioner of Companies


"MARA sponsored students whose main files have been updated in the MARA students system will receive their monthly allowance no later than the first week of the month"

"To ensure that at least 90% of the MARA sponsored students overseas receive their living allowance directly into their student bank account "