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  • Customer Service - Provide technical assistance to users of MARA ICT facilities
  • Communication and Collaboration - To provide and manage the networking and communications facilities such as access to Internet, Intranet, Extranet and e-mail and provide guidance in the development of website / portal.
  • ICT Procurement - To operate, manage and analyze the procurement of supplies, services and ICT project of MARA management.
  • Data Center Management - Manage and coordinate the operations of the Data Centre.
  • ICT infrastructure - Planning, developing and maintaining the infrastructure to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information.
  • Software - Manage and provide a valid licensed software to each computer and server facilities
  • Advisory Service - Provides consulting services related to the use and development of ICT facilities MARA.
  • Application Systems - Planning, developing and maintaining applications systems to support operations and activities of MARA.
  • ICT Literacy Development - Providing training and technical services to increase the exposure of MARA employees' literacy towards a new work culture by using ICT facilities.
  • ICT Security - Planning and providing services in protecting the confidentiality and authenticity of information, data integrity and minimize security incidents in the use of ICT facilities in MARA.
  • Setting Standard ICT facilities - Formulate policies and regulations in the development and use of ICT facilities in MARA and its implementation.