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MRSM provide various facilities and services to students These are:

  • Resource Centre
  • Media Centre
  • Co-operative store
  • Bus and Van Service
  • Surau
  • Laundry
  • Dental Treatment
  • Security
  • Recreation Area
  • Financial Assistance
  • Sports Facilities and Games

MRSM features

1. Student Representative Body (BWP)

Consists of students elected by students through the electoral process. The main BWP roles are:

  • Promote the welfare of students in collaboration with College administration.
  • Become a medium for the student body and administration.
  • Organize student activities
  • Facilitate the implementation of College activities.

2. Student Disciplinary Board
Student Disciplinary Board (LDP) is one of the branches of extra-curricular activities that helps college students enforce college regulations. LDP Student Disciplinary Board was established to:

  • Create a harmonious learning environment in MRSM where students are disciplined and honorable.
  • Create a generation of students with good leadership characteristics.
  • Names of eligible students who have leadership qualities will be proposed and an interview will be conducted for their selection process.

3. Homeroom
Each student MRSM placed in groups of not more than 15 people led by a teacher as a consultant. This group, called homeroom aims to:

  • Build a sense of family among the students.
  • Create a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation.
  • Help students solve problems through discussion and create an atmosphere like at    home. Homeroom adviser acts as parents and members of to the respective students.

4. Counseling Service Unit (UPK)

  • Serves to guide the students towards the creation of a healthy personality, responsible, able to face and adapt life in any situation.
  • Provides individual guidance to students who are uncomfortable with their lives so that they can overcome their condition.
  • Providing a variety of programmes to benefit students in terms of personality, learning, work and discipline.

5. UPK ways of providing the Services

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Teaching a class / lecture
  • Brochures
  • Consultation
  • Student Development Programme