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Production and Apprenticeship facilities programme (KPP) under MARA Entrepreneur Development Division is a network of facilities to assist and develop the small and medium enterprises through the establishment of business ethics, business apprenticeship, facilities and incentives, production, technology transfer, business management and commercialisation.
Production facility is one of the scopes under the programmes besides the Business Pioneering and Commercialisation. This facility is a package of assistance to entrepreneurs as an incentive to carry on business in the production of a product, whether on their own or developed by the government or private sector R & D centres which has commercial value.
Target Group
Target group is existing and new entrepreneurs who need assistance to carry out or improve business. Priority is given to entrepreneurs who have the experience and knowledge in the area that will be or currently involved.


Type of Facility
Types of facilities provided under this programme are:

1) Assistance for Development and Enhancement Products
Assistance for development and improvement of product quality and commercial value produced by R & D centres or entrepreneurs themselves. Characteristics of the product to be developed are:-

    • New products introduced by the entrepreneur or improved quality of existing products.
    • Product which is produced by R & D Centre.
    • Products have commercial value.
    • Products do not violate the law and morality of the community and are safe.
    • Businesses must obtain their own verification of product quality and safety from government accredited bodies.

MARA will finance up to 90% of the cost and the maximum limit is RM 50,000 which include the following items:-

  • Consultants' fees (MARA will arrange the appointment of consultants)
  • Raw materials
  • The cost of laboratory tests (standard)
  • Packaging (Packaging)
  • Development of the brand (Brand Development)


  1. Bumiputera
  2. Interested and want to participate in full-time business
  3. Aged 20-35 years

2) Support for UpgradingEquipment / Machines and Systems

Assistance to upgrade equipment / machine system for the purpose or the producting of quality products. MARA will finance the purchase of equipment up to 90% of the cost of equipment / project and the maximum limit is RM 500,000 in the form of hire purchase.