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PUTEK was implemented in 1996 during the first year in RMK7. The implementation is based on the aspiration of MARA and the Government to produce more technical Entrepreneurs (technoprenuers) throughout the country. Hence, this programme is created for entrepreneurs who want to venture into business, especially for businesses that are basically based on skills that they possess. Assistance will be given in the form of a package comprising facilities, support and encouragement.
Creating new entrepreneurs in technical area which is based on the skills possessed. These entrepreneurs will be assisted in building the foundation/ base of their business for a certain period of time until they are able to own and manage it independently.

  1. Graduates of MARA  technical institutions for instance IKM, GiatMARA, IKTM, InfoTech MARA, FITEC and others.
  2. Graduates of public and private technical institutions such as IKBN, ILP, ILSAS and others.
  3. Graduates in technical areas.

Business Areas

Priority is given to businesses based on the technical fields as follows:

  • Electrical / Electronic
  • Automotive
  • Tailoring
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Motorcycles
  • Mechanical
  • Aluminum Technology
  • Cake & Pastry
  • Computer & Communications Technology

Other fields, according to assessment from time to time

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