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Assistance Package

Every entrepreneur who participates this programme will receive assistance package which include the following:

  • Training facilities such as courses in creating entrepreneurs, business management, skills enhancement and the fundamentals in technical in accordance to their respective business.
  • Rental equipment and machinery facilities under the PUTEK Equipment and machine rental scheme.
  • Technical Entrepreneur Business Financing Facility under MARA Business Financing programme (subject to eligibility and conditions of financing).
  • Consultation and project guidance under MARA Entrepreneur Project Consultancy scheme by MARA officers.
  • Monitoring and follow-up to assess the progress and development of entrepreneur from time to time.
Equipment & Machinery Rental Scheme (PUTEK)

This facility is one of the components offered under the PUTEK programme to assist participants preparing to start up a business. This assistance will be implemented in phase 2, as soon as the participant has successfully completed their full training programme. Assistance is given by renting out equipment and machinery to those participants - for a period of time, after which the participants will have acquire the particular equipment / machine.

Terms and Conditions for Participation:

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Has successfully completed Phase I Technical Entrepreneur Development Training Programme (PUTEK);
  • Has appropriate site / premise / business workshop in accordance to MARA assessment.
  • Has a company which is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), whether individual, partnership or limited.
  • Type of equipment / machine must meet the standard equipment / machine set by MARA;
  • The applicant shall not be a bankrupt and does not have any criminal and civil records that may cause legal action to be taken against him / her in court;
  • Appointing a member of immediate family such as mother/father, brother, sister or aunt/uncle as referral to confirm the applicant's status and background.
  • Entrepreneurs must have viable projects in accordance to MARA’s assessment.
  • Subject to the  rental & requirement of equipment / machine limitations specified by MARA

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