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  1. Business Improvement Loan Scheme (SPiM)

Financing Facilities

  • Purchase of fixed assets (machinery / equipment)
  • Renovation of business premises
  • Working Capital

Applicant Eligibility

  • A Bumiputera aged 18 years and  above
  • Experienced / knowledgable in the intended field of  business
  • Possesses a license / permit / approval letter from the authorities to conduct the business
  • Able to contribute own capital not less than 10% of the project cost
  • Involved in business on a full-time basis

Funding Limits :-

  • Sole Proprietorship / Partnership: RM250,000.00
  • Private Limited Company: RM500,000.00


Fixed monthly income  must be no less than 3% of the total financing amount

 Land as Collateral

The Forced Sale Value of Land must be at least 10% of the total  financing amount

Profit Rate

  • 4% per annum

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