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  1. Global Entrepreneurs Financing Scheme MARA - EXIM (GEMS)

This scheme is a collaboration between MARA and EXIM Bank to provide financial assistance to Malaysian entrepreneurs operating business abroad

Financing Facility

  • Purchase of assets or renovation
  • Purchase of raw materials, payroll,overhead and others

Applicant Eligibility

  • A Malaysian company registered under Companies Act 1965
  • The operating company abroad must be in operation for at least 3 years and has received Audited Financial Statements with 2 years profit
  • Satisfactory business credit status based on BMC / CCRIS / RAM credit report
  • Meets the conditions set by MARA and Exim Bank

Funding Limits

Minimum : RM300,000.00
Maximum: RM2,000,000.00

Collateral / Guarantee

Bank :-

  • Land in Malaysia as collateral with Forced Sale Value  of at least 50% of the total approved funding
  • 2 guarantors who stay in Malaysia
  • Guarantee that all members of the Board of Directors

MARA as Guarantor:-

  • Guarantee is provided by the Board of Directors

Guarantee Fee

1.5% per annum of the guarantee amount (including 6% GST)

Financing and Guarantee Period

The maximum period of the loan and the guarantee is up to 5 years

Operations eligible to apply

  • Trading houses
  • Supply depots
  • Working capital for manufacturing facility
  • Professional services such as engineering consultant companies, Malaysian products franchisees, legal services and etc
  • Other business operations approved by Exim Bank

Business Location

This scheme is also available for businesses that operate in the countries where MARA has an office namely: -

  • Australia
  • Egypt
  • Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Other countries where MARA plans to open its office in future
  • Consideration may be given to businesses in the neighbouring countries such as Europe

How to Apply

  • The application form can be accessed through EXIM Bank Malaysia website
  • Completed application form should be forwarded to the MARA Overseas Office in which the business operates
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