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ZULKIFLI Haron test drive its latest hovercraft design at Zull Design Autotronic, Rawang recently.

“MARA has helped me in acquiring knowledge and technical skill besides giving me the responsibility as a teacher/lecturer in several of its educational institutions for Bumiputera."

“In fact, MARA has also entrusted me to be in the Board of Directors for Design Development Centre (DDEC) to give new ideas in the design industry in the country,” said Zulkifli Haron.

As the Managing Director of Zull Design Autoronic (ZDA), Zulkifli, also widely known as “MacGyver”, is keen to encourage the spirit of competitiveness among Bumiputera entrepreneurs not only in the country but also abroad.

“With various assistance provided, the entrepreneur would be able to achieve success in business."

“MARA helped me to reach a new era in the area of design and I was very proud when I was invited to be a member of the Board of Directors in the DDEC four years ago,” he said.

Zull Design Autotronic was initially a small company which has grown successfully and now has 25 employees comprising designers, administrators, technical and professional staffs.

Zulkifli had produced many machine designs and new equipments for small and medium scale industries for local and international clients.

The owner of ZDA admitted that although foreign companies can produce such machines, but it would be more costly for them to undertake research and produce such machines, thus it is more cost effective for them to be produced locally.

“It is my aspiration to set up an International Technician School to train those who do not achieve excellent results in school so that they can learn in prominent companies in the world such as Ferrari, etc.” he said.

Owner and Managing Director Zull Design Autotronic