Ketua Pegawai Maklumat (CIO) Ketua Pegawai Maklumat (CIO)

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Name :  Rohayah Binti Mohd Zain
Designation :  Timbalan Ketua Pengarah MARA (Khidmat Pengurusan)
Email :
Tel. No. :  03-261 34912
Fax. No. :  03-269 27978
Roles and Responbilities:
a) To monitor the implementation of the Information Technology Strategic Plan which outlines the use of IT plan in support of the agency’s objectives;
b) To enhance and integrate the cross functional processes between departments in order to produce more efficient and effective services;
c) To coordinate firm and safe developments, operations and management of IT systems and infrastructures based on modular, connectivity, inter-
  operability and portability characteristics;
d) MeTo determine the direction of the agency’s application system to reduce the time and cost of development, maintenance and operation
e) To maintain the integrity of electronic data, promote the sharing of information and provide means for the dissemination of information electronically 
   to authorised users either within or outside the agency;
f) To serve as a member of the Planning and Development Committee or Main Committee which formulates policies and is directly responsible to the
  Secretary General or Head of Department/ Agency;
g) To promote effective IT usage in order to achieve the strategic aims of the agency and act as an agent and champion of change; and
h) To lead the agency’s involvement in the government’s efforts in developing and implementing IT projects that can enhance the management and 
  administration of the public service.

Meanwhile, CIO’s roles and responsibilities in Dasar Keselamatan ICT (DKICT MARA) are:

DKMARA - 020102 Chief Information Officer (CIO) 

Roled and Responbilities are:

  a)  To assist the Director General in implementing all ICT Security tasks;
  b) To identify the requirements for ICT Security;
  c) To coordinate and manage ICT Security training plans and awareness programmes such as the preparation of MARA ICT Security Policy 
     (DKICT), risk management and auditing