Security Policy Security Policy

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  1. Contribution and dissemination of banned information and negative materials which are against the national policies is strictly forbidden.

  2. To disseminate information which are political or racist in nature or anything which is detrimental to the department is strictly forbidden.

  3. Visitors must ensure that files sent through attachment do not contain any virus.

  4. Visitors are fully responsible for all information keyed in.

  5. All information to be uploaded in MARA portal must get approval from the Director of Corporate Affairs Division/Director of Information Technology Division.

  6. The agency's or company's websites which require link to MARA portal or vice-versa rmust get the approval from the Director of Corporate Affairs Division / Director of Information Technology Division.

  7. Trespassing and attempt to hack MARA portal is strictly forbidden.

  8. All electronic storage and sending of personal data will be protected and kept using the relevant technology security